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Originally Posted by Doc Mindie View Post
2 GB RAM is good..... however, as we all know, the Amiga A500 was able todo things with 1MB that required a PC of FAR higher requirements todo adequately. Pinball Dreams? ran on a bog standard 512kB A500..... and VERY playable. It took the PC a 486DX33 to reach the same playability level. without sound.
Pinball Dreams on the PC really was a piece of crap, unlike Pinball Fantasies that ran fine on a 286 with sound (and looked way better than the A500-version).

My only concern is whether or not the CPU is "good enough" by todays standards. However, the A1200 with 4MB FAST could do things that a 486DX2-50 was still struggling with.... even FPS-games of the Doom-style was possible. However, this was one area where the PC was considered "better" because of the chunky pixel gfx it "always" had, which had to be translated to planar format for the Amigas.
Yes, but now we live in 2010, and the amiga-hardware isn't really any different from the PC-hardware these days, the only difference being the CPU. So don't expect anything mindblowing on the new Amigas compared to what's been done on the PC already 5-10 years ago And seriously, you wouldn't play Doom on a plain A1200 with 4MB Fast...

But still.... We could do far more with a underpowered Amiga in 1992, than anyone could with a PC.
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