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The current estimate is 'around' 1500 EUR for a complete system (sans monitor). Obviously this is a fair amount of wedge but it is actually pretty cheap for Amiga hardware

Most users on this forum are just into their classics (or WINUAE) and seem to be anti any new 'Amiga' platform which given Amiga's torrid history that's hardly surprising I guess. I’ve only had an Amiga for a couple of years so I’m taking a slightly different view.

I think it's a bit of shame actually. Hyperion is trying to launch a more up-to-date platform to move OS4 forwards but they just don't have the cash to sell hardware at a loss to get the price down to a realistic level. They really need to release a budget version for about half that price if they want to sell enough to get some decent development going again.

Another interesting thing is that if this new hardware does nose-dive, I don't see how OS4 development can continue...........Hyperion really have bet the farm on this baby (for better or worse, time will tell).

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