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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
LOOOOLLLL yer a way a say a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off sonny Jim!

If we were talking about mass produced x86 boxes then perhaps £399 is realistic.
But this is niche HW and it will be expensive.

The X1000 is not about replacing x86 Windows / Linux boxes, it is about offering the hardcore Amiga enthusiast a relatively modern system that is infinitely more advanced than current AmigaOS offerings.

Everyone is of course entitled to their view on things and that includes potential buyers like me and likely non buyers like you.
However in my view, if we are running a poll, then it should at least offer options that allow all views to be expressed.
I'd really like one just out of curiosity, but I'm priced right out beyond £500

tbh I'm quite shocked at your prediction but I guess with it being kind of bespoke hardware then yeah I guess there will be a price premium for it....
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