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Originally Posted by junkmanuk View Post
Originally Posted by zipper View Post
Official 40.70 ROMs are for A4000T, they are missing the workbench.library which you need to have on disk.
Hi Zipper, thanks for your answer. I did read this somewhere and there was also mention of potential problems with SCSI hard drives? Is this still regarded as an issue or do you have to have some very particular setup?

Thanks for the welcome, and the advice - I'll look for that right now!
Originally Posted by cosmicfrog View Post
seems amigakit has`t got the [40.068] roms in but Vesalia has
Hi junkmanuk, and welcome to EAB!

As Zipper says, the 40.070 ROMs are for the A4000T, they are missing the workbench.library which is included on the A4000T Workbench 3.1 disk.

The workbench library was moved to disk to make way for extra support for SCSI hard drive controllers in ROM, so you will need to think about the implications of this if you intend to use a SCSI hard drives and/or optical drive in your A4000D.

As cosmicfrog says, AmigaKit have only the 40.070 ROMs, but Vesalia have the 40.068 ROMs as well.

I have some further information about the changes made for the 40.070 ROMs which I gathered before deciding to purchase 40.068 ROMs for my A4000D. I will post the info here for you when I have found it.
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