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One small quibble with this review, apart from the disagreement on which Settlers was best which is of course a personal opinion and not amenable to fact checking:P (Settlers 2 is probably the better game overall, although it was S1 I played the most too... you never forget your first love!)

And that is that Settlers 1 doesn't use Gold to level up your troops like Settlers 2; the soldiers have to be resting in either the Keep or a Warehouse to level. Yes the gold is then stored in the military buildings, and gives a hard-to-quantify "Morale" bonus, for attackers from and defenders of that building as I recall.

But although I don't know the exact reasons, I suspect the inability (without cutting a lot of roads etc) to force gold to go to particular buildings meant that many players got frustrated with that mechanism, especially on random maps with little gold, as if an opponent got stronger troops into your building you couldn't possibly dislodge him again with both the levelling and the morale bonus . So they simplified it to the gold directly training in Settlers 2, and once that knight is eventually killed, the advantage of gold is gone with the level you just lost, making for a fairer fight overall (and as you can build catapults to bombard him, even then he's not the steamroller of plated death that "Mr Plume In His Hat" could be in Settlers 1)

As for Settlers The Series, I stopped playing after buying Settlers IV, because I was finding I didn't remember anything about the games III & IV at all. I'm not even sure if I completed them to be honest; I've a vague memory of completing one of those two, but I'm not sure which. Which having played to death with Settlers 1 & 2, and even have a working .adf of the last game I played on a hot seat Amiga with a housemate back in 2003 for WinUAE (even though I had a PC then too!) which I still occasionally fire up and crush him again long after I moved out and forgot him, was a pretty sad indictment for me of the aimlessness and lack of atmosphere of the later games.

Also... UBISoft are a terrible, TERRIBLE company. Not just for their shoddy DRM policies, but their terrible customer support, and the fact that their boards are a unified account across every single game they publish. But fall foul of a decision on any one Board and that account gets banned across the entire UBISoft community. Which would be fine if there was a standardised expectation of behaviour across the entire community too... including from the moderators, instead of UBISoft's laziness in organizing their own boards, allowing some Moderators to create their own little playpens where they ban you for something they just don't happen to like in it; I'm thinking of the Il-2 Sturmovik and HAWX boards in particular, where there's a seriously shitty group of Mods with a particular political and personal agenda. And especially if UBISoft weren't increasing tying board and email accounts to the games themselves.

So those combined, later Settler-apathy, DRM and shitty, shitty UBISoft have put me off Settlers 7 I'm afraid...
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