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Hi, I'll introduce myself to the site first...!

I've been a huge Amiga enthusiast since first owning an Amiga 500 oh so many years ago. I've still got the original (and horribly yellowed!) beast and a 1200 as well. My recent addition has been an Amiga 4000/030 which I've wanted since they were first released... Finally I have one!

I'm going to be slightly impertinant and ask some questions on my first visit if that's ok...! It is? Good...

Currently I'm running v39.106. I've been hunting around for information on 3.1 ROMs for the 4000 so I can install OS3.5.

ROM version 40.068 is the right one to go for but I can only find 40.070 versions for sale, and the sites suggest this is fine for a 4000D.. which confilicts with other people's experiences...

So, should I a) not bother upgrading at all? b) Try to find 40.068 ROMs c) go for the 40.070 ROMs... or d) Stop looking like an ass and come back with more facts about my hardware...!

Hmmm, Apologies for the questions - I'm new to the 4000 and want to treat it nicely... it's so satisfying to have my hands back on an Amiga after all this time!
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