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Thanks for the great link TCD and cheers for the translation ma693541 - the main page has some really interesting looking games...

This looks a good game - - only in German though... as does this - - only in German again!

Originally Posted by ma693541 View Post
To Peter; About the link the TCD gave yesterday. Here's what the original and translated info said:

Under the title "Mix", is with the permission of the respective developers
Spiele aus verschiedenen Genres.
Games from various genres.
Hierbei handelt es sich um Vollversionen, die durch die Amiga Arena in der Vergangenheit ermöglicht wurden.
These are full versions, the Amiga Arena in the past have been possible through.
Die Amiga Arena bedankt sich bei allen Entwicklern,
The Amiga Arena thanks all developers
die Ihre Software zur Verfügung gestellt haben.
have made their software available to.

PS: Check the main site too.
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