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Got a reply!!!

I got a progress report. Email follows. But before posting it, he mentions that he needs a working 100MB zip drive to recover some files. Does anybody have one to send him for free (he lives in Holland)?

"Michiel Pelt" <>
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"Ignacio" <>
Hi Ignacio,

First thing is the binary release on aminet. You can expect that soon
enough. Source code release just needs some time. I do have the
sources. But you should realize PFS3 is a complex piece of software
and this includes the build. I cannot throw it in the public domain
just as it is, it has to be bundled in a nice package with clear

To do that I first have to create a working build environment myself,
and I am not quite there yet. I have the sources. I have a licensed
copy of WinUAE. The compiler, SAS C, I had on original floppy disk,
but I downloaded it already (I do have a license).

I appreciate the help offered and I might need some. I am not sure
about the license to use. All I really want is credit whenever someone
uses any of it - that is I have to be mentioned and I want to be
informed about it.

Also, do you know someone in the possession of a working 100MB zip
drive? I have some pfs-formatted zip disks that may have some useful
stuff on it.

Best regards,

Michiel Pelt

So anyone has a zip drive to give away for free To Michiel?
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