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I ripped the de-packer and unpacked the levels myself.
I am working on a port of the de-packer to include in the flash editor, so people can load and de-pack everything within flash.

Whdload will load the de-packed files so there is no need to re-pack a file once you have edited a level( but because of how the game de-packs files you must add 8bytes to the start of the de-packed file).

I am almost finished with the enemies/objects editor section of this tool. The only problem is the START LEVEL position/CAVE ENTRANCE position/EXIT LEVEL position are stored inside one of the games exe files. So once your new level is complete I will have to add a patching tool for this exe file to upload your new positions.

The level structure goes like this
Each byte is a number.
Each number is a tile (00=first tile 01=second tile ect.....all the way up to ff)
The width of the map=240 bytes
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