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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
But they are acceptable. They result in a disk size of 4.06 GB or 3.78 GiB. That's probably the real size of the CF card.

Never never never touch the low-level-format button!! It is for old (really very old) SCSI disks only. Never use it for anything rather modern, especially if SCSI is not involved.

Partitions are formatted through Workbench. When you have saved the partition table, reboot, wait until the DH0:unformatted icons appear, select one at a time and choose "format disk" from the menu. In the format program, use Quick format. Never fully format a flash memory card!

Not sure what you mean by that. You need to reboot to make new partitions active.
i mean, when i tray to safe the partitioning , the WinUAE display "harddrvie: block zero write failed!" error.

a picture below:
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