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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
How can you judge that the data is not correct when you don't know what the correct values are ?

Please list the values HDToolbox did read.

7750 / 16 / 63 / 1008 would be good values but might be too small.

28 means the disk is write protected. You probably forgot to tick the read/write checkbox on the Add Harddrive panel.
Simple, becose the values i get are far from beeing logical, take a look for your self:

You are right, error 28 is write protection error, i figure that out my self. and you also right, i did not alway check the read/write check box, since it did not allow me to. but i've passed all this yesterday, and everything set as it sould be (i think).

take a look:

Uploaded with

now i get error -5, when traying to format the CF:

Uploaded with

Another note:
this sime while paritioning, i did not change anything, just used what hdtoolbox automaticly defined and there was no error at saving. but it did not really save anything.

Uploaded with

how you can help me now
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