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until now i've managed to "see" the drive (which is format to fat32) on HDToolBox. but when i tray to "change drive type" and scan for drive information, the information that HDToolBox manage to "read" from the card is not the correct one.

I don't know how to set it manually. i have 4G card and i don't know what is the sector size, how many "heads" and such.
How can you judge that the data is not correct when you don't know what the correct values are ?

Please list the values HDToolbox did read.

7750 / 16 / 63 / 1008 would be good values but might be too small.

Also, when i prtition it and try to save it, i get error 28... can someone help me?
28 means the disk is write protected. You probably forgot to tick the read/write checkbox on the Add Harddrive panel.
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