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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Cannot run original floppy disks so it has to be excluded.
Actually, they've mentioned floppy interfaces on the FPGA Arcade web page, so I suppose it will be possible..

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Not to mention the FPGA-Arcade cores are going to be full of bugs compared to original hardware for the foreseeable future.
Well, bugs are a given, but it remains to be seen whether or not they will be as good/bad compatibility wise as trying to run A500 games on an A1200. ;-)

I am a bit surprised no one mentioned a towerized decked out A1200 or an expanded A4000?

Of course, he said "commercially available", which is tricky. Does he mean still in production?

Also, technically, he said:
must be able to run original floppy games
But, he didn't say it must be able to run said floppy games FROM the floppy drive? I mean, an ADF is a floppy game in a file...

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