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Originally posted by Skumball
To be honest I am a bit of a n00b when it comes to emulating the Amiga, so I don't really understand what you all mean by creating my own Workbench. Do I need programming knowledge to be able to do this or is it a lot simpler than that?
This could have turned into a long reply but I don't have the time ATM.

Simple solution:

Download Amiga In A Box.

Right, you're now running Amiga In A Box.

Wanna change the icons/colours/fonts, install some more stuff ?

As soon as you've done any of this you have in essence "Created your own Workbench". Heavily based on AIAB of course !

Now the real question is where do you start, with a blank virtual Hard Disk, or with AIAB. For you at the moment I recommened AIAB or any other "pre-made" Workbench.

Once you get the hang of things you might realise you don't like certain bits, or want something else. Or just for the hell of it wanna do it from scratch.

AIAB is basically the equivalent of me saving my entire Windows XP setup and you installing it on your PC. Everything I have on Windows XP is now on your PC. All the programs I use, all the nifty utilites I have installed etc...

Plain vanilla Workbench is a bit poor (esp. visually) by todays standards - AIAB is just this guys idea of the "Perfect Workbench".

But no 2 people are alike !
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