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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Thanks to your last limit: A500, ks1.3, 512/512 switchable to 1MB chip.
cannot fault that - it would be nigh 100% compatbile with all but AGA games

requiring that kinda compatability I would only add a GVP A500HD+8 - thus giving you a SCSI2 harddisk + 8mb fast so you could have a workbench / whdload - unless you upgrade the cpu (possibly breaking the compatability) you wont have an escape key (you would have to reboot) because the CPU doens't have a VBR register.

However, its a kinda toss-up, for perhaps the best WHDLoad machine a 16/32mb 030@40Mhz+ equipped A1200 would be the best machine, highly compatible and the ability to play AGA games and with the CPU cache's turned off most older games will run via floppy -

Another bonus is that the A1200 has native IDE so HDD's are inexpensive and easy to configure with WinUAE first.

looking at prices

1MB CHIP A500 (switchable 512 chip / 1mb chip)
GVP A500HD+8 (this has a switch to turn off the adapter fast and drive)

between £40 - £90 pending condition and cost of side car + SCSI drive / SCA adapter

Looking at the way (to include AGA games)

A1200 2MB CHIP
Apollo 030@40mhz 16MB Fast RAM
4GB IDE 2.5" Disk / CF Card

between £90 - £160 - pending condition

I would say you eill need to add between £20 - £30 for a PS2 mouse adapter for any machine, the Amiga mouse is ugh.... at best 250 - 300 dpi and its reports are so slow!!! get shot of it and put it up high for nostalgia purposes and get a cocolino or other PS2/USB Mouse to Amiga adapter.
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