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Originally Posted by mattbarton.exe View Post
I think it's bugged PC game publishers for a long time. They love the "walled garden" the console offers. That's really what consoles are all about IMO--maintaining a tighter grip on the "IP." Now they're even trying to make books so that you need a walled garden just to be able to read! (i.e., Kindle, iPad). Next step, of course, is always-on authentication, unique IDs for each console/gamer, etc. The idea is not just to eliminate "piracy" but also to kill the used games market. The future? You won't "own" any content. You'll just lease your games; everything by subscription.

did sega do that with its cartridges, even though you brought them they still own`d them, well something like that

When will software companies learn the harder the protection is to crack the more prestige the cracker gets
thus making a challenge that ppl who do that kind of thing can`t refuse
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