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Well, Well, well.

At present time we have the following:

Beast 1 - 30%
Beast 2 - 35%
Beast 3 - 35%

This is truly amazing, and proves that not one game lets down the trilogy, or far exceeds any of the other games in the trilogy.

I cannot think of another game/movie trilogy that is like this.

For example:

If this poll were about the best Godfather movie we'd probably see something like this:

Godfather 1 - 48%
Godfather 2 - 48%
Godfather 3 - 4%

The 3rd Godfather in a way let's down the trilogy.

Ignoring the newer Star Wars movies The Return Of The Jedi is nowhere near as good as the other 2. And Phantom Menace is just pants. I haven't seen the other one as I like to think of Star Wars starting at Ep4 & ending at Ep6.

Can anyone else think of a vote this close in deciding the best of a trilogy?
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