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Thats about the going rate, I think I paid about the same

Mine was a bit fussy with CF cards, only my 1gb Sandisk works with it, I understand Sandisk are the best cards to use. They must be FAT16 (FAT) not FAT32 and the Partition must be 'ACTIVE'

Once you've got that setup its just a case of copying the Roms to the CF card, it takes .z80, .tap, .sna

If you use a TAP file you need to use the Load "" command but its loads instantly and even supports multi load games like outrun, pang, etc where you load each level.

Snapshots load instantly as well, straight from the menu

There is a reset button on the card that brings up the menu to pick the next game, simples.

If you do get one and get stuck give us a shout!

They're a very good piece of kit

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