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Originally Posted by LordCrass View Post
Wasn't Pioneer Plague the first HAM game for A500? Played decently smooth too, but not a very good game.
I recall two action-type games that used HAM. Pioneer Plague and Knights of the Crystallion.

It's actually pretty easy to use HAM or HAM8 in a game without extensive recalculations, but there are some tough requirements.

A. Use HAM backgrounds but only overlay sprites.

B. Use palettes to minimize recalculations

1. Have background use only palette colors, and have any objects blitted onto it have a palette color as its leftmost pixel, and never have them overlap.

2. Have background use palette colors at known intervals, and when you overlay a blitted object, recalculate to the next palette pixel. If your objects do not use only palette colors, you also need to recalculate the objects.

When you say the AGA blitter "is faster", there is a *tiny* bit of truth to it, but not much. The AGA blitter is identical to the ECS blitter. The ECS blitter, however, can do blits twice as large as OCS, giving a tiny speedup (most of the time is spent in the copy operation, but you do save a little by having to fetch and issue fewer instructions). Since almost nothing was written ECS-specific, people considered it to be an "AGA feature".
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