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Originally Posted by meega View Post
Don't split/join (unless you really know what you're doing), try mashing them with the Disk MaSher to create single files small enough to transfer. Do all preliminary "Amiga" stuff on the PC under a decent emulator, such as WinUAE.

I've no idea if it will work, but full 880KB disks get reduced to single archive files easily small enough to fit into 720KB. Unmash on the real Amiga.

And, you do know about CrossDOS, don't you?
what so hard at splitting files and joining them? hack, i can write my own program in 5 minutes.

i've tryed transfering compressed files. I've tryed ZIP files, but allway getting errors while trying to decompress it. seems like Archive version comptablity...

Also, instelled LHA on pc and amiga, and some files are tranferring (smaller files) but adf files give me the IO error/ bad data while trying to decompress it.
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