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Problems with transfering ADFs using 720k FDD disk

Hi everyone, i'm new to this board.

Recently, i took out my amiga 1200 and snes (already programmed an intro for it) and got into this retro thing.

I've also bought new PSU for my amiga and new AMIKIT mouse, and and ide flashcard/drive.

All work well, exept for ADF files.

I've used (new) floppy disk which was formatted as 720k disk to transfer files that has been splitted to the amiga and on the amiga i've joined the files and burned it to disks.

Most of the disk i've borned getting the "Not a dos disk" error. which my guess is the file is corrupted.

One this work "half way" buy running the intro and going to load screen after pressing space. but on load screen i get down-half corrupted picture.

i've tryed "hjsplit" for transfering ahd Spliter (if i remember correctly) and with all of them i get differend checksums when compering the files on the pc.

I've even joined files using the "join" command which comes with the ClassicWB and i get the same CRC result as the HJSplite joind file give but differend result then the "other" program.

I'm confsued over here. can someone direct me to the problem?

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