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...And now I'll tell you how it's all going on, which is, essentially, really bad! Real life has also kidnaped me for good this extra month, at least most of the time for happy reasons. I've also got myself into some crazy project of mine about making an Amiga setup which I could carry to local retro-computing meetings and this has eaten most of my free time (yeah, that's me, always having the right ideas at the wrongest moment ). So, just a couple of days before deadline my entry is hardly in its barebones ^_^'

Time to make a decission, then. The game I was remixing was a little text adventure originally meant to be played in a 4Kb machine whose plot I pretended to expand a bit. In fact the game had almost no plot at all and my idea was somehow to build a story mixing fantasy elements with real memories from my younghood on a map based on the original scenario. No time at all to do that, at least the way I intended, but there's still something I can acomplish. Instead of making an ellaborated remake I can go and try to do just some plain basic port, totally playable at least as much as in the original. The game was so brief (in current terms) that I can do it in time and maybe I'll be able to add some little enhancement just by recycling the engine from my last Christmas adventure.

At that point I considered yesterday to use some adventure creation tool as that could help to speed things up. I took a look at my copy of Aegis Visionary, which could do the job fairly well, but hard drive installation was sooo messy that trying to do it in a rush just gave me a big headache! So I finally switched to AMOS again. I hope anyway I could make some amiga games in the future with this kind of utilities, just to prove the effort invested into them back in the days was worth.

There goes some pics from my cellphone taken just some time ago while using spare time at job to make some progress. There is the game emulated and a WinUAE running AMOS window. If everything goes right I'll write the really expanded version not much later so we could all compare! Now I've got only this evening and tomorrow to finish... I could use also friday, but I've got a ticket to assit to Iggy Pop playing live on Apr the 30th. Hey, it will be my first Iggy concert, and you never know when, and if, he will tour again through Spain, so I cannot miss it!

What about the rest of you? Anyone out there making a game for this comp? Share your game-making experiences, that's also part of the fun!

(and I still would apreciate any honest comment about how bad my english sounded in "An Amiga Christmas Story", that's a feedback I really need!)

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