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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Amiga scene thread about a iPod Touch version... god I miss the days when Akira was a GM
Me, sometimes, too! :P

Anyway, I played Dreams for a while yesterday night, as I said. It's SO DIFFERENT to the PSP version. They totally RUINED the physics! I can only assume the iPhone version is no different, and the addition of having to actually BUMP the screen to tilt is retarded. These changes alone can add to the difficulty a lot. I find myself clocking the loops etc. a lot easier on the Amiga version, but not because the game is easier, it's because the physics MAKE SENSE. The way the ball falls and also how it flies off the flippers makes sense in the Amiga, it is like if this was a tilted table surface and not like if balls were FALLING down which is what this new version feels like.
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