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Since when was Pinball Dreams insanely difficult?

I've been playing it a lot on my iPod Touch lately (and flirted with the GP32 version also) and have discovered how almost impossible it is to go above 2 million in a single game full stop.

It certainly doesn't help that there is no way to entitle yourself to five balls instead of three - something that the GP32 version provides as an option. When I asked Cowboy Rodeo about this, they said implementing an 5-ball option would screw up the existing highscore records or something along those lines. I call bullshit really, since from multitudes of playing I've learnt that having two extra balls really doesn't increase your chances of scoring big all that much. It certainly isn't anything resembling a cheat at all. Heck, I always played 5-ball games on the GP32 and I still kept getting thrashed much of the time, particularly as that version expects you to break 5 million at the least before you can enter your initials on any table (iPhone expects a minimum of half-a-million in comparison).

I've also learnt that - unlike virtually every other Pinball game I've ever played - Dreams/Fantasies doesn't have a means of blocking up the side holes through switches on the table. I'm sick to death of seeing my ball go down one of the sides - totally beyond my control and all hopes of saving it - just seconds after I launch the ball in some games. It's these and a lot of other cheap mechanics that make me want to quit and start over again immediately instead of wasting my time trying to play through my current game when I'm losing balls this fast. When I look at the highscore tables on Cowboy Rodeo's website it just fricking depresses me wondering how everyone else can rule so hard on it when the physics are completely against you all the time.

And I used to think this game was the dog's bollocks all these years - in a way I still do, but my happiness is unignorably tarnished by the ridiculous and unfair difficulty in 90% of games I play on it.

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