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Originally Posted by cosmicfrog View Post
cupcake LOL haven`t heard that one for ages right where were we ? better get back on topic or we might be in for a spanking session
Why Cosmic my dear fellow, you have a way with words
Take no notice of me, I'm a sandwich short of a picnic most of the time and I love the tongue in cheek stuff. Unfortunately some of the comments left here have been very negative, at about 16 years of age I saw my very first electronic calculator, how things have changed since then. I am amazed at the way folk like Dreedo can use their computers and come up with a working site like he has and to share his interest in older technology like the Amiga computer.

To be honest, life is going to throw enough crap your way as time goes by, when someone has done something that deserves praise then give it, there are enough toe rags out there that will make it their business to make your life a misery at every opportunity, they mainly go under the category of Sir, Team Leader or Boss etc. Life is bad enough at times without being dragged down by negative comments whether intentional or not, don't end up as someone who will be remembered as a plonker, that position is already mine

I will alter or delete this if it is too far of topic, just let me know OK.
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