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Who mentioned my name? I was dozing off nicely in the chair when I heard it.

Well, now I'm awake...

Amiga on a card isn't ever likely to appear. Great shame, 'cos that would have been really good. I would have bought one any day of the week.

Hey, Akira... I agree with you about the Apple! :-) Oh my god, I must be ill !!!!!!

Without in any way demeaning the hard work and obvious skills of those involved in both the A1 and Pegasos projects... the computing world doesn't need any more 'standard' PowerPC platforms. Essentially, the only difference between these and the various Apple platforms is a Rom chip. If somebody persueded Apple to give access to the their roms, I imagine OS4 and Morphos would run on any Apple, as fast or faster than on an A1 etc. Other companies have produced PPC computers, and they failed to take off. BeBox, Pios 1 to name but two. Not to mention the 'official' Apple clones. We'll just end up with an Apple Mac by another name and in a different box!

Before anybody tells me about a thousand other 'technical' differences between the A1/Pegasos and an Apple Mac... please be merciful!. I'm just trying to say that there are TOO MANY SIMILARITIES to make them appealing. The Amiga was technichally superior at the time, and that is why it took off in such a spectacular way. A box that uses the same CPU, same sound and graphics H/W as an Apple is unlikely to compete against such an established platform. Even with a kick ass Amiga operating system... which we haven't actually seen yet (and it could be crap... you never know!), who is going to choose the A1 or Pegasos unless there is at least one super duper, must have, "sell my granny to pay for it!" application that ISN'T yet on the Mac or PC??????

Just my initial thoughts. And, as is often the case... I may be completely wrong.
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