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Originally Posted by mattbarton.exe View Post
I hate DRM with a passion, especially as a collector. I bought a used copy of Half-Life 2 and was unable to install it--STEAM wanted to pay $40 or more for a new access code. They didn't even care that I had a legit copy of the game. Ended up with a coaster.
I made the same mistake and it made me angry too. I had to find a way to make a legit copy of the game work.

One of the reasons people buy games at high prices is because they know they can recover some of the cost by selling them on in the future. It's part of the games market and helps collectors and enthusiasts such as yourself.

I realise second hand shops abuse this and it annoys publishers, but by killing the second hand market they are reducing the number of new sales too and driving more people to consoles. I wonder how long before console games makers sell user licenses only to gamers rather than a copy of the game itself? They'll probably try in the next generation.

STEAM affects this too, so now when you buy a title you know you can't recover any of the cost. The only way to pass on STEAM games is to sell your whole account. I think STEAM is a great idea in principle as it offers some big advantages, but you should be able to trade games between STEAM accounts so you can sell the hard or digital copy to someone else.

I much prefer buying a complete copy of the game - not a user license to play it. Hopefully the market will find a nice compromise in the future.
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