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If they can't trust their customers enough to buy their software, then they won't get a dime from me.

It's really laughable how long they've tried to fight piracy by harming the very people who BUY their software! It's rather like scolding a class about skipping school, knowing the same people who skip aren't there to hear it! Of course, the real pirates can still easily get the software whenever they want, fully cracked, and never have to worry about any of this shit that will drive us legitimate customers bonkers!
Couldn't say it better, but I doubt they will get the message...

Piracy fighting is really getting ridiculous. How can't they understand that punishing the legit customers (your school metaphor is perfect) is pushing them toward piracy and therefore totally anti-productive? That's a shame that greed and cash ruling everything make the legit customers suffer while cracked version users enjoy a more compatible, less likely to have problems and faster/lighter to load version.
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