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I bet the DRM is not the developer's idea. It's usually put on at the insistence of the publisher.

I hate DRM with a passion, especially as a collector. I bought a used copy of Half-Life 2 and was unable to install it--STEAM wanted to pay $40 or more for a new access code. They didn't even care that I had a legit copy of the game. Ended up with a coaster.

I agree, though, we should NOT buy this shit, and we need to let them know that's specifically why we didn't buy it. Only then will they get the message. I consider it deeply insulting to be forced to submit to such onerous procedures just to convince some database that I'm a law abiding citizen. If they can't trust their customers enough to buy their software, then they won't get a dime from me.

It's really laughable how long they've tried to fight piracy by harming the very people who BUY their software! It's rather like scolding a class about skipping school, knowing the same people who skip aren't there to hear it! Of course, the real pirates can still easily get the software whenever they want, fully cracked, and never have to worry about any of this shit that will drive us legitimate customers bonkers!
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