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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
I mean a demo for a demo party, something really strong about him with some paints of his sister janet or latoya.
Could be a great idea, if someone want to try i'm ready to help for the ideas and comme to the demo party.
please a good demo for a a 060 for the king of pop, an hommage.
If i find nobody i will try to contact every demomaker still in activity.

imagine what coul do danny with janet and latoya great pictures for sure.
As a YouTube video it would work, but never as an Amiga demo.

Tributes and hommages just have a hard time fitting into the demo scene, and with something as controversial as Michael Jackson I doubt it would be well received, not to mention difficult to execute. What would it consist of? Texture mapped objects with pictures of MJ on them?

Anything more than a slideshow would be strange and corny, and if you want to make a slideshow then there are free programs on the Aminet you can use.
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