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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Looks good
I dont know anything about Winuaex -But the HD games are WHDload? and Reg with SplashDelay=0?

I dont know if it supports CD32 pads but maybe you could skip JMenu
If RED button Held -ReadMe
Blue -Cheat /Custom1=?
Green - SkidRow Cracktro

I think ill have to get an Xbox

I dont think there are too many people that will argue against the fact that the xbox IS the best console for emulation. So much out there for it, and there are still people working on the emulators which is great. Now that we can use Sata drives in there using an adapter you could in theory put every released xbox game on the HD... (hang on, i said in theory, i know some games don't allow HD installation) and every game for every emulator, and still have room for music, movies and streaming etc.

One thing i am going to try (just waiting for this item to arrive...

I want to use it and see how it works with the amiga games that require mouse/keyboard input. I'm assuming that it connects to port 1 which will basically take the place of the joystick so i am hoping that i can parallel tie in the controller to the same output so all 3 devices would be active on the one port

I bought an xbox 1 extension cable so i can chop off the female end so i can tie it into either the controller header in the xbox itself or splice it into the frag box.

Time will tell

ps, look around, you can get the frag box cheaper... get one now b4 they all gone, they're not being made any more
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