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Originally Posted by waal View Post
Hey Kipper2K,

I see we have the same interest. Why don't you join us ?

A new edition of WinuaeX is near ready for release. Madmab and the Rx team are working on this since months now.

The new version has an autoconfig database with CRC recognition for 2000+ adf games and 850+ whdload games created with rare_j's script. The emulator has an automount feature that detects any selected whd file, mounts it to dh1 and then mounts a boot disk in dh0. And now you can select joypad presets for the type of game and customise setting.

We also have a synopsis feature to display text infos, dynamic skin to display dual or triple video preview, customise the UI and so on. You can see [ Show youtube player ]how these new features are applied to 23 of the Xport emus.

We also worked on xtras and regarding the amiga it consists of a "starter kit" containing the videos, artwork, manuals, synopsis for a selection of 325 games. The list will be improved day by day.

We have a site for infos on this project and you can join us on #ressurectionxtras on EFNET for a chat about this.
I'll check it out. I believe its V16 on my Xbox, there are a few bugs/improvements i would like to see. I'd like to see the default directories all come from within the game dir itself, i did remap it to within the install dir to make it easier to find everything. Also i think there should be a home Dir enable option (same as ftp) that locks the user into their specified game dir once they have set it up so they don't get lost.

I did try to use the savestate function so that the games would load up immediately to the menu page for those games with readme, but the savestate caused errors with the jmenu, haven't found a fix yet. There is also a memory leak too i think as when i was going through the games 1 by 1, winuaex would eventually crash and need to be reloaded. All random, no specific game, just seems like after running so many games it would hang. Not sure if a reset mem function can be implemented to mabbe fix this after exiting a game?

An auto script for config sounds great, i only have about 250 games on the xbox, they are pretty well all the ones i consider worthy but it would be nice to get the whole package done. Its a pretty slow process on my stubby fingers mapping all the whdload folders etc.

One more thing, even though the roms were installed in winuaex some games still complained about kickstarts missing until i put them in the...
whd:devs/kickstarts directory which of course can take up a lot of space when you are talking about a lot of whdload games

example.. the Three stooges (quite a few more too).

edit: ps where is the help key on the popup keyboard ? I was trying to use it for a few games and not sure if that key is mapped ?

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