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To answer you question directly, yes it's definitely worth installing a Workbench on WinUAE so you can enjoy harddrive games and classic applications (like Delux Paint).

Harddrive games not only come in the form of those that have normal installers like Monkey Island, Civilization etc. but can be found now for almost ANY game using Jst and WHDload. Have a read around the net to learn about these applications.

As for what to install, if you are patient and dedicated Amiga enthusiast then hit the road of building a Workbench yourself. As someone above has already mentioned, you can install multiple workbench setups (like AIAB, ClassicWB) in order to help you learn what can be done with the right downloads off Aminet - this will save you loads of time. It's a long road of discovery but fun.

If you just want to enjoy using the Amiga then grab a pre-installed workbench.
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