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My Winuaex setup on Xbox 1

I just finished updating my xbox 1 with the whdload games setting up the game config files. I have them set up so the ones with readme files give the option to display the readmes etc prior to loading the game, Its probably been done before but i havent seen it so i figured i'd share.

Here is video of it working within Winuaex. Next week i hope to get keyboard and mouse setup to the xbox to work with the games that need mouse.

Video was created using the Hauppage HDPVR video capture box (using component input) and the video edited in CamTasia Studio 7. I think the quality is pretty good.

for those of you that are bored and have no life, here is a little video of my cats living the life of luxury complete wih their own servant... me! lol. I know, i got no life either.

enjoy lol
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