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Lol yeah, i haven't used my Amiga in like a month due to lack of things to do on it. Except shove in magazine discs and fiddle with the workbench ect.

I really need to fix my mouse and get a game for it, but im saving up for my holiday, maybe i'll have a bit left over for an Amiga game.

Doesn't help that im on a shared network, whenever i upload ROM's to my website, i get my brother asking why his CoD:WaW just got 3 seconds of lag.

So im kind of limited as to when i can upload files too, which is annoying, hes in all day except for at night when he goes out to work lol.

Graph of unique visitors over the past 30 days:

Well although it's been low, at least it never completely died, except a couple of days ago. :P

(Still image by the way, not an updating graph, i wanted to get one for the main page but it wouldn't give me one. )

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