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hello there,

welcome to EAB, theres plenty of mischief to getup to around here, so releax and enjoy the retr0licious yummness that is here =)

now, lets have a look at the problem..


once you have your workbench setup on you A1200 harddrive you are pretty much there, all thats left is to install WHDLoad, once you have done that then simply copy the WHDLoad.key to "dh0:s/" (or S: if you have booted from HDD) infact what I do is double click the icon, and then once the requester has poped up asking what I want to do with it I type in "copy" just before the filename and then "S:" just after.

job done. =)

now, you may need some other support with that a little google will help, or a post here asking for what you need theres plenty around that can help.

what I will say is you need to look at these to projects

Classic Workbench by our very own Bloodwych

WHDload Install Packs by our very own KillerGorilla

hope that lot helps
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