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Originally Posted by birdy-scc View Post
It's rough. The disc isn't even in the right scale... it's too big compared to the hand and it's too wide. You can only blame that on limitations of the person drawing - and I'm pretty sure she'd agree too.

If I'd been in charge and the option was that or just text, I'd have picked text only.
Well, that would've solved ONE technical problem, that some guy in Sweden asked a swedish computer magazine to help with. When he got his Amiga, the hand came up, and he thought it was a virus (which he's obviously heard a lot of). He turned off, wrote a letter to DMZ and asked if it was safe to turn on. This was back when getting a letter into a magazine probably took a month.

But still, I'm glad you weren't the one to decide. While it may not be proportionally correct or particularly well-drawn, it was awesome to have actual graphics showing up from the get go. It made the Amiga look so far ahead (which it basically was) and almost futuristic. If you only had text, it would seem like a step back, when compared to the C64, where you could just turn it on and begin to type in commands.
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