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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
A thought:
Regardless of how good the emulator is I presume if this becomes an offical App-Store, um, app then won't Apple have to 'support' it.


Well, let's say it's released with OS 1.3 & 3.1 ROMs included and a supposed IP-holder comes out of the wood-work demanding payment?
It's possible (assuming they could be bothered) Apple (a big company) may say 'Get stuffed, we're not paying'.
We either get a test-case regarding who (if anybody) actually owns the rights which at the least will clear things up, or nobody complains in which case I presume 'the community' can regard the IP as 'lapsed' so 'free' to distribute.

Of course someone within Apple just might be induced to buy up said rights so putting the ROMs beyond us forever.
this is the most important point in this news..

i will download it... see whats going on and report...

this could get interesting!!
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