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I like Bubba quite a bit though i haven't really played it much in- much like most Amiga games i guess

I like Wolfchild on the basis i once completed the Master system version in one sitting while working at a computer shop- it wasn't very busy.It surprised the hell out of me when i completed it as this wasn't something that happened often- in fact it's my only finished Master system game being that i don't even play the system.The Amiga version is better looking so maybe one day i will tackle that

Jaguar is fairly crud personally to actually play i thought though it looks technically very nice.Controls are crude compared to Lotus i found

I quite like Thunderhawk as that's fun to quickly jump into

Universe has the best atmosphere and i love to boot it up sometimes just for the lush track that plays when you're on the asteroid

So on that basis then i'm not really sure if i have a particular fave as none of them really stand out as being that much better than the other
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