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Originally posted by mtb
Ok, now i have some ideas of why. But what about performances, for example a standard 4000
040 25 Mhz can be compared to an Intel of what kind?

One years ago i have installed Debian Linux on a i486 dx2 66 Mhz , but it was very slow,
especially under X. On an Amiga, that hasn't got a text mode, this one will be "simulated", but
it's reasonable to use also a real graphics mode? ( Amiga has got graphics chip, and of
sure they can help the Motorola doing graphics apps, if Linux use it )

Of sure I am not against Linux, perhaps against one other Os...., perhaps the best seller...
It will be painfully slow on a 040 25mhz. I have tried running linux on a 33mhz 040 (quadra) and it was terribly slow as I was trying out a kernel compile, I didn't even dare run X .. that would of really bogged the machine down. try it out, see how you go, might be different ..
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