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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
I am stunned about your hateful undertone, which you never showed in Atari forums.
My comments were not just aimed at Atari Coldfire Project. They were also aimed at the NatAmi project which has consistently failed to delivery anything while promising everything. A little bit of spent up anger let out at once

Realistically thought, you're are not going to be able to make an Atari Falcon clone using an existing Coldfire processor and get it to run binary 68k code anywhere near as fast as an 060 based CT63 or Milan because of the incompatibilities?

Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
What is unrealistic at our approach of design?
  • You're using a Coldfire CPU to replace a 680x0 CPU.
  • You're using an FPGA of potentially fixed size and speed grade to incorporate a HDL design who's size and complexity is as yet unknown.
Push home that applications will have to be recompiled, re-assembled and possibly re-written to get any speed advantage on the Coldfire platform.

Push home that while high compatibility with Falcon hardware is the goal it will be a long time coming, if it is at all possible with the first generation FPGA boards.

Honesty at this level and my attitude will change.

Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
What do you not like about our final goals? Have you ever read about our aims
Phrases like "make an Atari Falcon clone with nearly full compatibility to an original Falcon" IMO is just not realistic in a short enough timespan using today's FPGA technology at a price point that will be viable.

It is a very good goal, but should include emphasis this is a long term goal for the underlying HDL cores. That compatibility of this type will take many man years.

Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
You are talking about a team which includes:
Sounds like you have a fighting chance of producing something. Possibly not commercially viable for home consumers for 10+ years but fun none the less.

Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
You do not have to cheer our project, but I like to ask you to not make the public fear
I say the same to you: do not make the public believe in unrealistic things.

Be honest and you'll be surprised how few of the potential users will leave.

Good luck. All the best.

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