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Wow, …


I am the one who is coordinating the Atari Coldfire Project for 17 months now.

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
a load of bullshitting non-technical wannabes hanging on around them making up stuff as they go
Thank you, but such a project doesn´t consist of hardware and code alone. I am doing about 20 hours per week free of any charge, ... Maybe my technical explenations are not always the best, as I am no developer, but I try to free the developers from activities like dealing around with news or such public communication. I am stunned about your hateful undertone, which you never showed in Atari forums.

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
It is called realism. If they had a realistic approach to design. Didn't bullshit too much. Had proper expectations about their final goal, capabilities, prices and time scales then I would be first to cheer.
What is unrealistic at our approach of design? What do you not like about our final goals? Have you ever read about our aims ? Capabilities are changing all the time. The price is fixed since our first public announcement in April 2009. And to not publish time scales is a intentional act, as the Atari community had enough announcements which never became real. There is no concern behind this development, do not forget this fact.

You are talking about a team which includes all 4 former Clone producers. Fredi Aschwanden, who did the Medusa and Hades computers, Milan, and Wolfgang Förster who did the Suska. Also there are many of the important MiNT developers, EmuTOS developers, names like Didier Méquignon, Thomas Baumgärtner (Soundpool), Vincent Rivière or Henk Robbers who speak for themselves. In fine, you are talking about the "Who is who" of atari scene and developers, who already produced 4 times working Atari compatible computers, ... We also got official TOS-licences and the soucecode as well.

You do not have to cheer our project, but I like to ask you to not make the public fear, as you also never have seen the contracts with Medusa Computer Systems, preordering persons got.

for something that will never become anything.
I´ll come back to you in several weeks about this predication.

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