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Originally posted by fiath
Also, we decided that in the future the file sizes will become "small" and hence be less of a problem.
I didn't care about filesize, I care about the huge pixelsize! Scaling it down on the fly is possible but still, it would be damn slow (the file in memory is still hugeass).

Since it cannot use external files, we could scrap the 300DPI idea.. Then again, we could of use external files, if we make each PNG into a sepparated .SWF that we can load externally. That way we retain transparency and external file loading for bigger modularity.
No, I just didn't want to have the files embedded in the viewer because we would then not be able to distribute the viewer on the CAPS website - copyrighted material and all that.
Using the SWF alternative could be OK then, I presume. I dont mind making 10 separate files for the engine to use . if I'm going to make this for you I miht as well do it all. As you said, codewheels are few.
I just meant that the two wheels are "lined up" by default. And the text is at a normal angle.
You mean like what Disposable Hero does when it asks for copyprotection? having all images in a line? This could be possible, but it means more work (We have to take apart each image, and put the numbers in the proper order, and... a mess)
Sounds good - I think that is the main problem. But also there is only the one "hot spot" am I right? I would prefer it if you could "start" anywhere too, but that is just trimmings
It has two actually, at zero and 180 degrees of the center of the inner wheel, at its x axis. I can find a nasty workaround for it, or sit down for a while and think about how to do it properly

I'll make proto with external SWF files loading.
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