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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
No 2-player co-op = boooooring. Better Movement? I don't think so. And of course the Amiga music & sfx sounds far better.
Crack smoker!!!

The Amiga version sounds OK, but definitely doesn't compare to the Genesis sound track (which is better than the arcade version). If the Amiga version has SFX, then why doesn't Cubex55 longplay of it - not have any? It much hinder something on the music side when enabling them or something. Genesis version; better graphics, actual parallax scrolling, much better music/fx. Can't comment on the controls of the Amiga version, but the Genesis one has solid controls. Though I do prefer the arcade's rotate stick. I can't see anyone could not like that. The game was designed around it and it fits best. Your statements on this one sounds waaaaaayyy Amiga biased.

And how is single play boring? So you *only* play the game when a friend is around? Sounds like bullshit to me
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