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At the risk of causing a scandal, I must admit to never having played IV or V. I think one reason for that is that I consider Heroes to be a multiplayer hotseat game, and since moving to Minnesota just don't have any friends to play it with. Playing competitive games with my wife is a BAD idea. We argue enough doing co-op, much less competitive!!! Who was it that said, "If she wins, you win?" LOL!

Anyway, after playing them again, I'm torn between II and III. I'd have to do a deeper study to see which ones actually plays better, but both just seem excellent to me. Right now, I'm feeling III is the winner, because it has a better (at least more extensive) storyline. That opening cinematic is great, too, though I have to wonder--

HELLO, this is a mother with a husband and son, and she's a warrior...AND she's parading around in a metal thong??? Good grief, why does every female warrior have to wear armor that doesn't protect their most vital assets? I'm reminded of the cover of Curse of the Azure Bonds, of course, as well as Red Sonja.

I guess though the enemies might be so distracted by the cleavage that it might offset the compromised armor. Let's just hope they never go up against a gay man!
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