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I have my new Miggy in my arms. I am cuddling it like a baby. Soon I will prepare her a bottle

I have just driven 240 miles (386km) to Portsmouth and back as I do not trust and cannot wait for the post !

Two traffic jams on the way home But me & My Miggy have arrived here safetly.

It is KS3.1, it has all the WB3.1 manuals. He's thrown in some original boxed/manualed games plus a load of coverdisks (some which I don't have and non-TOSEC). Also some unboxed originals and the usual copies.

The only downside is I think it's a Amiga Inc machine as the label on the left says "Amiga". Commodore is not written anywhere on the machine. I see this because apparently the floppy drives from these machines have problems. The floppy drive sounds/seems fine to me.

The guy thinks the HD is 540 meg The warranty sticker is still on the case intact It's cleaner than it looks on the picture - he washed it. But I told him I didn't care about the case as soon it would be towered. I think he was reluctant to let it go once I explained my ambitions for the machine - he didn't know an Amiga could still be upgraded like this.

I had a lovely cup of tea and a big chat about PC's, Miggy's, C64's, Ebay etc.... First time I've ever picked something up I've bought of ebay, and it's nice to meet the seller. I've even given him a account on my FTP server !

OK. Enough talk. C'mon Miggy, now it's time to play
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