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Originally Posted by stachu100 View Post
Two days ago I sold mine Viper 1260 for £275...

Indeed my friend I was watching it, my sincere congrats on your sale. I am sure those whom get this card will be very happy with it.

Also If I am not mistaken you also put on 64MB of 50ns High Frequency compatible RAM. thus allowing the CPU and Memory to run at 60mhz.

Thats one amazingly fast card!


I will say that eBay only shows two or more people battling for an item, and only gives you a tempory instance, not a real general worth..

This problem is also compounded by location, currency fluctuations and expectations, although to be fair most 060 cards are commanding some seriuous prices... but lets take a moment here..

my Apollo 060 back in 1996 cost me £345 - included 32MB SIMM

that would be the equivilent of £600 in todays money at 4% interest

so if anything 060 cards are less than half the price they originall were...

KS3.1 wont be a problem with any 060 card, however custom 1MB roms may prove a problem for those cards that use a MMU map rom feature as it only shifts 512KB not the full 1MB - but this can be turned off on the blizzards, on the Falcon 040 it cannot.

Please note that the prices i quote are HIGHLY subjective, when looking at them remember that I will value them to what I think there worth, as I have 2 060's and 2 040's, 2 030's (thanks Steve!) subconciously I wouldn't value them financially as high... its just part of the human condition.

as I live in europe, compared to other places, Amiga is relatively abundant, again this plays on the numbers that form in my head.

at the end of the day, the value of an item is only what you place in it... thats about it really.

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