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arguably the price is going to be difficult, but the cheapest out of 060 cards will be the Apollo, and as it would be it also fits in the case with the trapdoor closed.

Expect prices today in the region of £180 - £240 (32MB max inside the stock 1200 case)

next in line would be the Viper 060, (ALSO made by ACT) this is a better revision of the card, and Will accept 64MB max and can have the trapdoor closed. price about £190+

The blizzard 060 will cost more and wont fill well with the trapdoor slot, and isn't recommended anyway =)

this card will accept 128MB ram, but its got to be the thin low-profile ram,costing yet even more..

price £220 + RAM

the Blizzard also has the SCSI option which allows for another 128MB of ram + Fast SCSI2 7mb persec asycn and 10mb persec sync

this unit will be between £80 - £120 pending on RAM configuration.

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