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Originally Posted by mrbob2 View Post
Or a real amiga that smells, is a musty yellow colour, modulator needs bending to get a colour display, slow clunky loading via disk, crap mouse, slow as hell WB which is next to impossible to be of any benefit. A computer the size of a small family hatchback sat on your desk. Having to search through thousands of game disks to find the one you want. Discovering your fave game has a disk read error.....
My Amiga's suffer from none of the above

I don't need to search through thousands of disks when using WHDLoad and also a full PC setup will take up the same, if not more desk space than a real Amiga. My WB is nice and fast due to my accelerator board, but i agree loading from floppy is slow but not always clunky (i also have a nice fast and quiet external FDD ).

Anyway both the Amiga and Winuae are great but i just prefer to use my real expanded A1200 and experience 100% smooth scrolling and accurate audio
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