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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

theres a strict policy on AmiBay that one is not allowed to comment in the sale thread on the price.

this is price driving, at the end of the day, there should be no need for a member to justify what price they put up, should that people not like it or think it to high, they can ignore the thread or post an interest and haggle in PM.

its really weird

In the begining when members asked for help in evalutations, we really wanted to help, but strangely enough you will do more harm than good.

1. people have different ideas on what an item is worth, so it can start arguments
2. different coutries have different saturation levels of hardware... where in chille an A2000 might be rare and expensive, in Germany there pretty much taking up space and not worth as much.

So even if you REALLY REALLY want to help, by doing so you will be doing more harm.

its kinda like the "prime directive of non-interference" lol
Ooops! seems i need to read the site rules again

Anyway understood... I will keep my mouth shut if i see any ridiculous posts or prices on Amibay (or should i say keep my fingers away from the keyboard ).
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